Venison Advisory Service launched

Posted by Dick Playfair on Jun 11, 2012

New consultancy to provide advice and assistance to prospective deer farmers …

The drive to increase Scotland’s venison production, and the ambitious target of 400 more deer farms in Scotland within the next 10 years, has prompted the launch of a new consultancy specialising in advice and assistance to those interested in deer farming as a business opportunity.

The Venison Advisory Service Ltd (VAS) will fill the gap in consultancy services and offer early stage advice through to project management. The Venison Advisory Service has been set up by John Fletcher, Alan Sneddon and Dick Playfair.

John Fletcher says:

“Support of the type that we are offering is an essential part of the whole equation in taking Scotland’s deer farming sector forward. Ambitious targets have been set to increase Scotland’s venison production by one third in the next 10 years, building that growth through deer farming.

“The Venison Advisory Service can make a real contribution to this drive.”

John Fletcher continues:

“Following extensive market commentary, there are already a growing number of individuals and businesses in the sector considering the prospects offered by deer farming, particularly in the light of steady increased market growth over the last five years.

“Scotland’s main game dealers last year imported the equivalent of 25,000 carcases to meet demand – demand that shows no sign of abating, and there is a clear opportunity here to secure Scottish business and Scottish jobs.”